Investment Approach

Our investment philosophy is built on three major principles:

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    At Surevest, our objective is continually to challenge the status quo through a collaborative effort among our investment committee and our institutional research partners. Together, we challenge ideas, search for undiscovered opportunities, and work to provide our clients with independent research to support our investment decisions.

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    Good research must be accompanied by an actionable investment strategy. We adhere to a process we believe separates ideas from results and allows our investors the potential to benefit from our discipline.

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    We believe in results over ambiguity. Our investors are provided with transparent metrics to measure the value we provide over time. Surevest Investment Counsel strives to provide clear transparency to our clients. We have formally adopted the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code. By claiming compliance with the Code, we are signaling to the investment community our commitment to ethical principles and investment discipline. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute.

Surevest Investment Philosophy

Measurable Results

Our clients demand transparency and results. Each client has unique objectives that drive varying strategies at our firm. Although each client has varying needs, they all benefit from three strategic objectives that are necessary for success.


Minimize Fees

Many times, prospective clients are surprised when we show them the number of hidden fees in their portfolios. Unlike a managed fee paid to a fiduciary advisor, the fees embedded in many investments are not clearly illustrated to investors. There are specific areas, such as foreign markets and tactical and special situation strategies, where a higher fee may be justified based on the potential to deliver returns in excess of a benchmark.

There are segments of the portfolio, though, where fees should carry greater consideration. This includes areas such as U.S. large cap stocks where efficient markets make it difficult to outperform. At Surevest, fees are always a consideration. Any fee paid is carefully weighed against the potential for excess return on all investments.


Fortify Risk Management

Risk Management is a key component to financial success. We view risk as being dynamic. We take a holistic view of our client’s risk management plan by looking beyond the portfolio to secure your long-term vision from unforeseen events. We clearly qualify and quantify risks for our clients and provide meaningful solutions to minimize exposures.


Improve Risk-Adjusted Performance

Our goal is to eliminate uncompensated risk in our clients’ portfolios. Understanding and managing the changing risk of an investment along with the projected return, requires an ongoing assessment. Our primary investment objective is to achieve the highest possible returns for our clients for the lowest risk possible to achieve their goals. Careful portfolio construction and ongoing active management drive our strategy to provide our clients with the greatest potential to achieve the highest possible risk-adjusted returns.