Who We Are

At Surevest, we are a team of people striving beyond mediocrity to deliver excellent outcomes. We believe that the information we possess today has rapidly diminishing value to our clients. This belief drives a learning culture that inspires us to challenge the status quo and find ways to improve daily.

Investment Committee Leaders

Our investment committee is led by a team of individuals, each with more than a decade of experience, holding the most prestigious credentials in our industry.

Operational Leadership

Our operational leadership team empowers us with the people, processes and technology necessary to meet our client’s expectations consistently.

Vision and Mission

The meaning of the Surevest quail.

The Gamble Quail is a common bird found in the Scottsdale area of Arizona where our firm was founded in 2002.

The Quail symbolizes a higher level of consciousness and a protective community – two qualities that embody our learning culture and fiduciary pledge to our clients.


Become the respected market leader in fiduciary planning and investment solutions that help the world become better stewards and investors of the assets that sustain organizational and personal missions.


Operate daily with integrity to execute client mission objectives through ongoing management of a personalized strategy, delivery of world class investment solutions, continual oversight, and accountability.