Turnkey investment and wealth management solutions for CPA firms and their clients

For most, competent tax and estate planning are essential for developing a successful long-term financial plan. As a CPA, you are already at the center of your clients’ financial lives. However, proper planning, without a sound risk management and investment process, is only solving half of your client’s total needs.

Many CPA’s are successfully running full service practices by providing total wealth management solutions to their clients. The American Institute of Certified Public  Accounts (AICPA) consistently ranks its courses focused on adding wealth management to a CPA practice as the most highly attended at its conferences.

Until now, many CPA’s have been hesitant to enter the space due to a lack of knowledge in investments and lack of experience in navigating the regulatory environment. Surevest Investment Counsel, a Registered Investment Advisor, for over 15 years, has an experienced team holding some of the highest credentials and academic achievements in the industry, and it is looking to collaborate with qualified firms. We have created a turnkey solution that fast tracks your success in this space, providing you with a first-class solution. To schedule a meeting with someone from  our executive team, please contact us.