Full service fiduciary solutions on strategy, family dynamics, investments, and cost containment.

Fiduciary Partner Program

This service is designed for individuals or family offices currently employing single or multiple money managers, self-managing their investments, or serving as trustees for a private estates.

Experience the difference of a personal advocate to help create, implement, and monitor your overall investment strategy. In our experience, a consistent plan and process is the hallmark of a successful outcome. Your advocate works on a flat fee basis and will sign a fiduciary pledge that eliminates any outside sources of commissions or conflicts of interest. If you are serving as a trustee, managing your own family’s wealth, or employing multiple outside managers, then it is prudent to have a qualified partner to help validate, monitor, and provide independent accountability. This service also has the potential to provide fee reductions, offer more comprehensive risk management, and enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Highlights of a Fiduciary Partnership include but are not limited to:

  • Customized Investment Policy Statement, risk analysis, asset allocation and specific investment recommendations on all assets and any company plans (401k, 403B. Profit Sharing etc.) including traditional investments, derivatives, and alternative investments.
  • A dedicated fiduciary advisor to help educate, collaborate, and oversee your investment strategy and allocation.
  • Transparency reports on performance and ALL fees associated with investments annually
  • Analysis and opinion on up to 4 separate investments, insurance, borrowing or other financial proposals annually
  • Communication with external money managers and custodians, including performance, strategy, and fee-negotiation on your behalf.
  • Annual tax minimization meeting.
  • Semi-annual investment and strategy reviews, including back-testing and stress -test analysis of any proposed portfolio or strategy shifts

Fiduciary Audit

This service is designed for those individuals or family offices currently employing single or multiple outside managers, self-managing their investments, or serving as trustee for a private estate.

At least annually we believe an outside review of all your investment accounts and strategies is prudent. In this review, we do a deep dive to provide a complete listing of fees, risks, opportunities, and any alignment issues in accordance with your financial plan and or Investment Policy statement. We will report on the amount of risk vs. reward that was taken over the time. We will also interview any outside money managers to ensure their processes are consistent with your objectives. In our experience, independent reviews have been extremely enlightening for investors and have caused them to make shifts in strategy after being educated on our findings.

Highlights of a Fiduciary Audit Include:

  • A documented independent audit of ownership structures, investments, performance, and ALL fees associated with all accounts
  • Education and documentation on the risks, rewards, and fees associated with all investments, including but not limited to: brokerage accounts, annuities, REITS, limited partnerships, hedge funds and private equity.
  • Negotiation of lower fees on your behalf with all existing service providers
  • Specific recommendations and oversight of implementation processes for all recommendations to reduce risk, increase returns, and/or reduce fees.

IPS (Investment Policy Statement) Development and Updates

This service is designed for those individuals or family offices currently employing single or multiple outside managers, self-managing their investments, or serving as trustees for private estates.

Every investor should have an independent investment policy statement unique to his or her own personal goals, objectives, needs, and tax policies. Whether you are employing outside money managers or managing your own wealth, the IPS is the business plan for your investments. We work diligently with you to understand all your needs and document them in a way that is strategic and, most importantly, holds all members involved accountable for a clearly defined execution plan that can be easily monitored.

Highlights Include:

  • Create and or update Customized IPS (Investment Policy statement) and Asset Allocation to include Alternative and Private Investments including socially responsible and corporate governance mandates.
  • Development of family and personal vision and mission statements to assist in development of an appropriate IPS

Family Office and High Net-Worth Investor Education Programs

Our Education Services is designed for High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices.

Option 1

Surevest partners with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to offer customized education programs for family offices and ultra-high net worth investors. The program can be tailored to your unique needs and done either on campus at the University of Pennsylvania or at a location of your choice. Our everyday hands-on experience in the financial markets, coupled with the academic rigor and research of Wharton, create a unique and actionable educational experience.

Option 2

Our CEO Robert Luna CIMA®, AIF®, CNBC contributor, offers customized one-on-one training in Southern California or at a destination of your choice in areas such as family wealth dynamics, portfolio construction for long-term wealth accumulation and distribution, options trading for risk management and income and tactical trading strategies.

Hourly Services

Designed for those who need one-time assistance on various financial issues.

Miscellaneous services may be provided between $250 and $500 hourly, including areas such as personal financial planning, trustee estate assistance, expert witness services, outside due diligence, family wealth education and other one- time services